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Paul's Clue Competition Archive

Results W/E 01/11/09    Back to archive >>

Results W/E 25/10/09

Loads of super entries this week. Many thanks.

Here are those commended:

Kieron Dineen, Newport: Might he present, moderately or otherwise? (6,6) DERMOT O'LEARY

Beth Bebbington, Cambridge (although I think the 'sounds like indicator should be appended to the first part of the clue): Reserve a holiday in capital, say? (9)

Duncan Robertson, London (another very sneaky, and hopeful 'sounds like'): Measure delay to fear of Barbarian sound (13) HUNDREDWEIGHT

Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness, defining the BNP leader in: Arrest monster fascist (4,7) NICK GRIFFIN

David K, Whitstable: Approve of hoax ... Hoaxed! (7) CONDONE

Richard J Wilson, Manchester: Terrible arse! Say, result of this? (8) DIARRHOEA

Richard J Wilson, Manchester: Team in disarray - 50/50, I'll choose heads - irony, perhaps? (8) METALLIC

Duncan Robertson, London: Key lies in casual whim above spirit (4,6) MALT WHISKY

Robert Brown, Sheffield: White House resident has one night in Montmartre (5) INUIT

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: It takes two, baby (hope not) (8) COUPLING

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: Living in seclusion, doctor commits a sin (11) MONASTICISM

And this week's fine winners?

BronzeBRONZE: Robert Brown, Sheffield, for his 'leaves' in: Rough-pile carpet leaves ship (3,7) TEA CLIPPER

SilverSILVER: Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge, for the smooth surface reading of: I can be a key note in a short Streep movie (8,6) AMERICAN BEAUTY


GOLD: Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness, for licking the opposition with: Ulterior motive of Haagen-Dazs? (6,6) HIDDEN AGENDA

Great stuff. Many thanks once again, and keep the clues coming!

All the best,

John (Paul)

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