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Paul's Clue Competition This weeks results

I always love to see what solvers can do – there’s some great crossword-writing talent out there, I know!

If you’d like to send me a clue, for any word or phrase of your choice (though not too obscure please!), simply pop it to me using the link below:

Every week I’ll let you know my top three of all those you’ve submitted.


1 Do keep the clues short, if possible.
2 If you need to explain the clue, it’s probably too difficult for me!
3 Enjoy!

This week's result's

Results W/E 17/01/10

Once again, many thanks for all your cryptic offerings. I found this an especially tough week to judge.

OK, so here are the commended clues:

Patrick Jones, Edinburgh: Surprising Steven? Surprise! (10,4,2,6) UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS

Kieron Dineen, Newport: (Void) and cream produced Eton mess? (5,7) DAVID CAMERON

Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness: Always to insert, perhaps (8,6) SANITARY TOWELS

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: Young victim furious about principal (3,5) WAR CHILD

Robert Brown, Sheffield: African warriors bite exposed rears of showmen (9) IMPRESARI

Beth Bebbington, Cambridge: Great fish! (5) BRILL

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: JC (Some say) Johan Cruyff, star of Barcelona - now I see! (7) MESSIAH

Duncan Robertson, London: Spooner improvises about barrier spread (6,3) DAMSON JAM

Beth Bebbington, Cambridge: Men in CIA brought back for screening? (6) CINEMA

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: Pushed up bosom for fun, probably mine (5,4) BOOBY TRAP

And this week's winners (ahead of a fine selection of commended clues):

BronzeBRONZE: Boaz, Paulton, for a clue I'd thought of myself quite recently. Given the nature how one goes about writing cryptic clues, it's not a coincidence that people have the same ideas independently: Still constipated? (10) MOTIONLESS

SilverSILVER: I'd neither heard of the work, nor the cigarettes before, but it's a lovely clue all the same, from Robert Brown, Sheffield: Burns work producing smoke (5,5) SWEET AFTON


GOLD: A wee bit of silliness from Dean Mayer, Poynton, Cheshire: Jimmy Page? (4,2,6) CALL OF NATURE

Thank you once again for all your great clues.

All the best,

John (Paul)

Results W/E 24/01/10

Welcome to this week, solvers of the world! Thank you once again for all your entries.

Here are those I've commended:

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: Party! Let it end in chaos...... (6,4) DOTTED LINE

Posie Francey, Burton on Trent: Take out more contract boundaries (7) EXTRACT

Robert Rowan, Fife: Shy and refused to mention bird in front of another bird (7,3,3,2,1,5) WOULDN'T SAY BOO TO A GOOSE

Robert Rowan, Fife: Elegant little girl broadcasting (8) DEBONAIR

Tom Latter, London: Man + god = woman (9) ALEXANDRA

John Ridge, Clitheroe: Back not down in sport (7) SUPPORT

John Ridge, Clitheroe: "Appreciate Latin" is the summary (6) DIGEST

Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness: Rocky Marciano's Italian (8) MACARONI

Tom Latter, London: Rome reps? (8) EMPERORS

Posie Francey, Burton on Trent: Rough alcohol or cold liquor swigged by secret agent (7) SCRUMPY

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: At times complete freedom not right for actress (4,9) CATE BLANCHETT

Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness: Shock treatment from counterfeit business (7) SHAMPOO

Sil van den Hoek, Cambridge: Rattle's contribution to "The Lark Ascending: (4) RALE

Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness: Sure result of using it? (2,5) NO SWEAT

Tom Latter, London: David Tennant did it - how?! (6,3) DOCTOR WHO

And finally, the neat little selection of winners, very tough to separate:

BronzeBRONZE: Neil Walker, Barrow in Furness: Of course, such references are not to be encouraged, but...: Scourer's right off big breasts - that is a tit lover? (4,5) BILL ODDIE

SilverSILVER: Neatly hidden by Tom Latter, London: She is a man that's hiding (8) SAMANTHA


GOLD: Kieron Dineen, Newport: Another neat effort from Kieron: House found in suburb in Godalming (5) BINGO

And that's all for this wee, folks.

Many thanks, and keep the clues coming!

All the best,

John (Paul)

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