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Paul’s books:

The "Guardian" Cryptic Crosswords Setters Series: Paul

The best of Cryptica’s very own Paul. Find out just how much fun he’s been having in his head! Serious word-wangling entertainment! Not for beginners, but do pick up a copy for later reference. The introduction’s worth a look too – I didn’t know people really thought like that!

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The "Guardian" Cryptic Crosswords Setters Series: Rufus

Rufus is a master at the accessible cryptic crossword puzzle. Delight in his wizardry of wordplay.

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The "Guardian" Cryptic Crosswords Setters Series: Gordius

For intermediate Guardian solvers, Gordius sets the perfect knotty problems.

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The "Guardian" Cryptic Crosswords Setters Series: Bunthorne

The late, and brilliant Bunthorne is a must for all advanced solvers. Superb entertainment.

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The "Times" Crossword: Bk. 12

The Times always excels. It’s The Times cryptic crossword - what more would you want?

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The "Times" Jumbo Cryptic Crossword: Bk. 8

Jumbos that will fly you to crossword paradise. The biggest and the best big puzzles around.

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"Guardian" Cryptic Crosswords: v. 3

The best of the witty Guardian style of crosswords. All your favourites, including Cryptica’s Paul.

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Monkey Puzzles (Guardian)

Araucaria – he’s a naughty monkey. Go ape for the king of the cryptic crossword swingers. There’s only one Araucaria…

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