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Learn To Solve Cryptic Clues

Secrets of the Setters

Secrets of the Setters: How to Solve the "Guardian" Crossword

The Guardian Crossword Editor gets personal! Pick up all the best tips for solving, with reference to clues from all the Guardian setters. A well-structured and comprehensive guide.

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Chambers Cryptic

Chambers Cryptic Crosswords and How to Solve Them

A step by step approach to solving that’s both clear and accessible.

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How to Master

How to Master The "Times" Crossword: The "Times" Cryptic Crossword Demystified

Tim Moorey’s enjoyment of life and all things crosswordesque shines through in this eloquently illustrated guide to cryptic crossword solving, which shouts ‘buy me!’

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How to Crack

The "Daily Telegraph" How to Crack a Cryptic Crossword

The Daily Telegraph is often considered the easier of the ‘serious’ cryptic puzzles. Val Gilbert offers a great opportunity for those wishing to enter the fun and devious world of the cryptic puzzle.

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